Personal Awareness 

"An unexamined life is not worth living"



The foundation of success is self awareness. Knowing the self and taking responsibility for one's life is a basic requirement for growth.

Workshops that expand self discovery and self management help exand your personal and professional results. This life enhancing seminar has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. It is experiential and allows the participant to discover their full potential. It consists of lectures, exercises and discussions to complete the learning process.




"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other"                  John F. Kennedy


Learning leadership is a never ending quest of self improvement. Constant improvement of skills and competencies is needed to meet the constant change and  challenges of the times. We can learn leadership on the job but it can also learned through training and teambuilding. Life lessons can sometimes be more expensive. We use lectures, games and stimulating discussions to encourgage adult learning. Leadership of self and leadership of others go hand in hand. 


"Words are weapons that we wield to win."

                                                  Joey P. Reyes


Oral and written communication skills are important at any level for an efficient and effective team. Sharpening our skills in getting our message across effieciently will help the team accomplish their goals. 

Power Presentation and Public Speaking

Effective Business Writing

PowerTalk : The art of conversation

Effective Grammar and Pronunciation 

Training the Trainers


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