Teachers are Everywhere

“Teachers are Everywhere”

It’s funny how teachers are everywhere and when the student is ready they just pop out from all sides to teach. Sometime we do not see them as teacher since they show up in various forms. Some come in the form of opportunities, challenges and sometimes even just a stranger saying something that suddenly sounds enlightening as if spoken by a guru. This book showing up in your life right now is not a coincidence too. So as we walk this earth and live this life we would do well to open up our hearts and minds and let these teachers into our lives. When you do that, you will suddenly pay attention to everyone in you life. You will become aware of the teacher and the lessons. Your awareness for the lessons become sharper and you find more and more lessons in ordinary everyday happenings in your daily existence. A lover may suddenly leave you and your world shatters and the future becomes too bleak to bear. This feeling will linger seemingly forever until you learn your lesson and let go of the pain, for it has already served its purpose of teaching. Maybe the lesson was one on humility, forgiveness, acceptance, ego or love.

When we learn our lesson from a situation we appreciate the pain or grief that has been the reason why the lesson was so difficult to learn and then we actually bless the person or situation that has initially given us the problem. We then change our perception of this event and have gratitude that it happened when it did. These lessons prepare us for the next stage in our life, perhaps another lesson or the benefit from learning the lesson or both. The teachers are preparing us for a future opportunity after we learn this one. But when our ego gets in the way then we refuse to learn the lesson and we keep denying, justifying or explaining and we miss the point and do not learn the lesson and that thing that gives us pain will still have power over us and keep us suffering needlessly. Once you have put aside your ego and really looked at the situation or the person. You will discern what might this thing may actually be and if you realize the lesson and then you move on to the next phase. It is like a rite of passage if you will. That one must suffer the pain before reaping the rewards, so that the pleasure may be even more meaningful and complete. Sometimes we need to know failure to appreciate it when we do find success. Sometimes we need to experience pain to appreciate the absence of it. No pain no gain. Sometimes we need to be hungry to appreciate the food. The principle of YIN AND YANG. One cannot experience black without white, heat without cold, good and evil, love and fear. So welcome whatever shows up in your life. Nothing is ever good or bad for you. Take everything that comes as it is, without judgment and without being affected by the event or situation but always learning.


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