The Duality of Life

The more we know the more we realize how much we don't know. In the knowing, there lies the unknowing - Severino Reyes III

Everything changes yet everything remains the same. There is a duality in nature, the Yin and the Yang, Good isn't good if there is no bad. The are always two or more sides to everything and everyone. .

There are many layers of awareness that we realize each after we have become aware of the previous layer of reality. What is reality? Reality is your version of what is present in your life. People have their own interpretation of their life that may differ from their friends and relatives. For example I might have a version that I am a genius and some people might have a version of me that says He is a nut.We color our world according to our beliefs. Beliefs of our caretakers and neighbors that gets into our mind that we take for our own. It is a continuous cycle of rediscovering the different realms, perspectives, understanding that other people might have a different interpretation of the situation and the events. Having such an open mind and awareness of the unlimited possibilities makes you ready for them. It prepares you for a possibility that you had false assumptions Being aware of the multiple possibilities and its permutations makes you ready for different outcomes and prepare contingency plans.

Love and hate are opposite sides of the same reality. Black and white, hot and cold are dualities. One cannot exist without the other. We must embrace the duality and accept this reality rather than resisting it.

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